About the Designer

Anika Ignozzi


    I'm a 21 year old with a sewing machine, paintbrush, and most importantly, a burning passion for my art and design.

I am committed to creating art that you can feel and be immersed in. An energy that I can pass on for you to experience. While I design, I keep in mind how beneficial it is to just be free and let go of all the tension that surrounds us. Wearing art for every stranger to see brings forth new opportunities and a self confidence that creates an openness in people around you. You become positively approchable. I put a lot of love into each piece that I create for you. That is why it feels so good! This for me is not a hobby but my entire life, passion, and full time career. 

I have a unique start to this business as I originally went to college to play Division 1 soccer and become a Physician Assistant at Wagner College (Staten Island, NY) in 2016. Coming from a small town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, experiencing  NYC on my own nonjudgmental terms was just amazing. I would pack my bags for the day and talk to random people. I would adventure every second I could! I was craving more knowledge which exposed a new growth of consciousness inside me.

I had played soccer my whole life passionately but I just felt incomplete. Something was missing. It seemed like I had it all but I was uncomfortable with were I ended up. Later, I realized what was missing in my life. I was simply, not creating enough. It was a very hard decision not to go back after my freshman year.

After the humbling experience of leaving on my high horse, I came home and felt confused and defeated.  I started to paint again and my first piece started this all. A shirt of my fathers that I wore proudly and received many compliments. It lead to a meeting with a fashion director and then to a show on January 20th, 2018 (also my birthday). Simultaneously, I received a free sewing machine from my best friends mother while working on my first collection. It had all fell on my lap when I was ready. 

This burning passion is all I can do. I really love doing this, talking with you all, and showing the world what I’m made of. LOVE.

Emails & Interviews are welcome! 

I love meeting new individuals so feel free to reach out with any questions : ) 



I design my clothing with one thing in mind, NO RULES.

This allows me to explore a completely different kind of art. Art that you can feel both spiritually and physically. A walking painting that ignites an honest dialogue between strangers at any place and time. An article of art that gives you compliments and positivity. This art is for everyone. 

Each 1 of 1 piece is hand-painted and stitched with my sewing machine. 

Many hours of creativity and passion shape each garment into its own style... Eventually finding the right person to compliment. This churns a relationship between art and fashion that doesn't feel intimidating. Rather, a doorway into self expression that everyone can feel.

 Custom orders are always welcome. 

This also includes hand-painting on ANY item you already own! 

 Just contact



Every Saturday & Sunday from 10-5 

20th and Penn (Right across from a Bella Notte) 

Studio visits are available! Email me to visit!!! :)